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Amrita Spa & Wellness, Салон

Салон Amrita Spa & Wellness
Amrita Spa & Wellness, Салон

Москва, Космодамианская наб., д. 52, стр. 6

(495) 221-53-65

In Sanskrit, "amrita" refers to the magical elixir of eternal youth. This mythical assurance of renewal is a promise that Raffles Hotels & Resorts delivers to every guest at its spas in all its hotels and resorts. Raffles Hotels & Resorts's Amrita Spas and RafflesAmrita Spas around the world have long welcomed weary travellers in search of fitness, serenity and rejuvenation. This exclusive luxury wellness concept focuses on providing a haven of relaxation and nurturing to members and guests, while providing complete care of the skin, body and soul – all supported by a team of highly skilled therapists.